Twitter Archive Utility: Convert JSON to CSV Format

Convert JSON 2 CSV
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What is this tool used for?

Twitter allows you to download an archive of all your tweets for the current year. You can request to download it from Twitter via the following menu:

More >> Settings and Support >> Your Account >> Download an archive of your data

Once you request a download, it takes a few hours to days. You will then be able to download a ZIP archive of all your Twitter data that they allow you to download.

To use your Twitter data, such as your tweets or replies, or retweets in CPROMPT or with ChatGPT directly, you need to convert a file called tweets.js (a JSON file) to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file that you can include in prompts via CPROMPT.

To create a CSV from your tweets.js, do the following:

  • Extract the ZIP archive and locate tweets.js
  • Using this tool uploads the tweets.js file
  • Choose if you want to include replies and retweets
  • Click on Convert Now to get it converted into a CSV file.
  • The CSV file we create for you has fields:

    • CREATED - date and time of the tweet
    • NSFW - Not Safe For Work phrase we detected in the tweet (if any)
    • RETWEETED FOR - tweet was retweeted for this user (if any)
    • LINK - a link to the tweet so you can click on it to check tweet
    • REPLIED_TO - tweet was a reply to a user (if any)
    • TWEET - actual tweet

    Once you have the CSV file, you can use it in prompt apps to perform whatever analysis, summarization, etc., you wish to do via prompt apps on this site.