Raia Hadsell

Raia Hadsell
Researcher DeepMind | University College London
Dr. Raia Hadsell is a highly accomplished researcher in artificial intelligence, currently serving as the Senior Director of Research and Robotics at DeepMind. She joined the company in 2014 to develop new solutions for artificial general intelligence. In her current role, she oversees the strategy for DeepMind's exploratory research efforts and leads teams working on cutting-edge innovations in AI.

Hadsell's academic background is diverse, with an undergraduate degree in religion and philosophy from Reed College. She later pursued a Ph.D. in computer science at NYU. She worked on machine learning using Siamese neural nets, face recognition algorithms, and deep learning for mobile robots in the wild. Her thesis, 'Learning Long-range Vision for offroad robots', earned her the Outstanding Dissertation award in 2009.

After completing her Ph.D., Hadsell worked as a post-doc at CMU Robotics Institute and then as a research scientist at SRI International's Vision and Robotics group in Princeton, NJ.

At DeepMind, Hadsell has tackled various fundamental challenges in AGI, including continual and transfer learning, deep reinforcement learning for robotics and control problems, and neural navigation models. She has proposed innovative neural approaches such as policy distillation, progressive nets, and elastic weight consolidation to solve the problem of catastrophic forgetting.

Beyond her work at DeepMind, Hadsell is highly involved in the AI community. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TMLR, an open journal dedicated to machine learning research. She also sits on the executive board of CoRL and is a fellow of ELLIS. Additionally, she is a founding organizer of NAISys and has served as a CIFAR advisor and on the Executive Board for WiML.
Fun Facts
Raia studied religion as her undergrad major
Raia’s Ph.D was under Dr. Yann LeCun
Summary of recent tweets
Raia Hadsell has been tweeting about various topics recently. In one tweet, she shared a link to a 60 Minutes segment where she showcased her research on soccer/football robots. She also mentioned a tech report related to the segment. Another tweet expressed her excitement about joining forces with Google and doing amazing things together. Raia gave credit to the DeepMind Robotics team for their great research in turning little OP3s into soccer pros. In terms of trends in AI, Raia discussed the deployment of GPT-4chan, highlighting that while there are legitimate reasons to train language models on toxic text, this particular deployment lacks them. She urged AI researchers to look into it and share their thoughts. Overall, based on these tweets, Raia's sentiment towards AI seems positive. She expresses enthusiasm about her research and collaborations with Google. However, she also raises concerns about certain aspects of AI deployment, indicating a critical perspective as well. As an AI researcher and roboticist, Raia Hadsell actively engages with the robotics community and shares updates about conferences and events related to robot learning. She mentions the Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) multiple times and encourages submissions for papers in this field. In summary, Raia Hadsell's recent tweets cover a range of topics including her own research on soccer/football robots, collaborations with Google and DeepMind Robotics team, concerns about specific deployments of language models like GPT-4chan, updates on conferences like CoRL, and congratulating colleagues for their achievements in geometric deep learning and protein folding solutions by AlphaFold. Her overall sentiment towards AI appears positive but also critical when necessary.


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