Yisong Yue

Yisong Yue
Professor California Institute of Technology | Allen Institute for AI
Yisong Yue is a Professor at the California Institute of Technology and an AI researcher at the Allen Institute for AI. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in Computer Science, where he worked on machine learning and natural language processing. His research interests include reinforcement learning, deep learning, and multi-agent systems.
Fun Facts
Yisong loves playing basketball in his free time
Notable Awards
Best Paper Award at ICML – 2018
Summary of recent tweets
Yisong Yue, an AI researcher, has been actively tweeting about various topics lately. In one of their tweets, they express gratitude to OpenReview for allowing authors to submit private comments to ACs until the end of December 4th. They encourage others not to wait until the final day if they have any comments. Yisong Yue also shares a guest essay for Politico on the AI Executive Order. They argue that singling out the risks of large foundation models in the order is inadequate and unnecessary, benefiting only a few at the cost of broader innovation. They emphasize the importance of formal methods in addressing these issues. Additionally, Yisong Yue mentions an internship opening at AI4Science in Amsterdam or Berlin. They are looking for someone to join their interdisciplinary team working on electronic structure and deep learning specifically in synthetic data generation and curation. In terms of trends in AI, Yisong Yue discusses controllability and interpretability as classical concepts from system theory that seem largely unknown to AI researchers. They explore how control-theoretic ideas can be applied to high-dimensional systems and models, highlighting it as an exciting direction for future work. Overall, based on their recent tweets analyzed here, Yisong Yue's sentiment towards AI seems neither entirely positive nor negative. While they acknowledge certain concerns and limitations within the field such as risks and potential regulatory oversight needs, they also express excitement about new opportunities like internships and conferences related to AI research. In summary: Yisong Yue has been tweeting about private comments submission for authors, critiquing aspects of the AI Executive Order while promoting formal methods. They are hiring interns for work on synthetic data generation and curation in electronic structure at AI4Science. Additionally, they discuss controllability and interpretability as concepts from system theory with potential application in high-dimensional systems within AI research. Their overall sentiment towards AI appears balanced with both concerns and enthusiasm for advancements in the field.


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