Mohammad Norouzi

Mohammad Norouzi
Research Scientist Google DeepMind | University of Toronto
Mohammad Norouzi is a machine learning researcher and innovator focusing on generative models. He works at a startup with a mission to advance state of art in artificial intelligence and help humans become more creative. Some of his recent projects include Imagen and Imagen Video, 3DiM, Palette, and WaveGrad, all of which involve high-fidelity image, video, and audio generation with diffusion models.

Before his work at the startup, Norouzi was a senior staff research scientist at Google Brain in Toronto, where he contributed to SimCLR, a simple and effective method for contrastive learning of visual representations without labels. He completed his Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Toronto, where he focused on scalable similarity search and was supported by a Google Ph.D. fellowship in machine learning. Norouzi obtained his undergraduate degree from the Sharif University of Technology in Iran.
Summary of recent tweets

Mohammad Norouzi has been tweeting about his recent project called Ideogram, which is a text-to-image system. He announced the launch of image prompting, allowing users to upload an image and control the output using visual input in addition to text. This feature is available to plus subscribers of Ideogram. He also mentioned the release of Ideogram v0.2, which improves image quality, offers more accurate and natural text rendering, and provides realistic details at a faster speed.

Furthermore, Mohammad Norouzi shared his excitement about watercolor paintings of San Francisco created by @ideogram_ai. He also mentioned using prompt templates for generating aging time-lapse images with specific characteristics such as age range and portrait photography.

Mohammad Norouzi expressed gratitude towards the users who have been enjoying Ideogram and shared that over 1.1 million users have generated more than 75 million images since its public launch. He encouraged users to participate in competitions on Ideogram where they can win cash prizes for their creations.

In terms of sentiment analysis, based on the tweets analyzed, it seems that Mohammad Norouzi has a positive outlook on the progress and advancements in AI, particularly related to generative models like Ideogram.

The trends identified in Mohammad Norouzi's tweets include: - Image prompting feature in Ideogram - Improved image quality and rendering in Ideogram v0.2 - Watercolor paintings of San Francisco from @ideogram_ai - Aging time-lapse generation with specific prompt templates


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