Melanie Mitchell

Melanie Mitchell
Professor Portland State University | Santa Fe Institute
Melanie Mitchell is a Professor of Computer Science at Portland State University and an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her current research focuses on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.
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Properly defining and solving the alignment problem won’t be easy; it will require us to develop a broad, scientifically based theory of intelligence.
Learning changes an agent’s behaviour. This in turn changes the behaviour of the system
Summary of recent tweets

Melanie Mitchell has been tweeting about a variety of topics lately. In one tweet, she recommends a book about Gell-Mann, a prominent scientist in the field of particle physics and complex systems. She praises the book for its beautiful writing and informative content. In another tweet, Melanie shares an article she co-wrote with CRathkopf, discussing the polarization surrounding language models like ChatGPT and the need to move beyond simplistic debates.

In addition, Melanie engages in discussions about artificial intelligence and chatbots' ability to pass the Turing Test. She references a study by Cameron Jones and Benjamin Bergen that reveals current chatbots do not meet this criteria. Melanie also expresses her concerns regarding secrecy in the AI field, stating that it leads to misinformation and dangerous mistakes due to public opinion fears.

Furthermore, Melanie encourages scientists at OpenAI to publish evidence if they truly believe in apocalyptic capabilities of AI. She emphasizes the importance of transparency and openness within the AI community. Additionally, she seeks recommendations for work that explores evidence for internal representations of world models in language models.

Overall, based on these tweets, Melanie Mitchell seems critical yet engaged with ongoing developments in AI. While she appreciates insightful books and acknowledges important research findings, she highlights issues such as polarization, lack of transparency, and potential dangers associated with misinformed regulation or exaggerated claims.

As for trends in AI discussed by Melanie Mitchell recently:

  • Polarization surrounding language models like ChatGPT
  • Turing Test performance of current chatbots
  • The need for transparency and openness within the AI field
  • Evidence for internal representations of world models in language models

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Complexity: A Guided Tour

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