Fernando Pereira

Fernando Pereira
Professor Stanford University | Google Research
Fernando Pereira is a highly accomplished computer science and artificial intelligence individual, currently serving as the Vice President and Engineering Fellow at Google. With a focus on natural language understanding and machine learning, he leads research and development initiatives that drive innovation and advancements in these domains.

Before joining Google, Pereira held esteemed positions throughout his career. He served as the chair of the Computer and Information Science department at the University of Pennsylvania, where he contributed to students' academic growth and development in the field. Additionally, he held the position of head of the Machine Learning and Information Retrieval department at AT&T Labs, where he played a vital role in shaping research efforts in these areas.

Pereira's expertise extends to renowned institutions, including SRI International, where he undertook research and management positions. His work and contributions have been widely recognized, evident from his impressive accomplishments and accolades.

In 1982, Pereira earned his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, cementing his foundation in the field. Throughout his career, he has authored over 120 research publications covering various topics such as computational linguistics, machine learning, bioinformatics, speech recognition, and logic programming. His extensive knowledge and experience have led to several patents, demonstrating his innovative thinking and ability to turn ideas into practical solutions.

Pereira's remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed. He was elected as a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) in 1991, recognizing his significant contributions to computational linguistics and logic programming. In 2010, he was honored as an ACM Fellow for his exceptional work developing machine-learning models for natural language and biological sequences. Furthermore, Pereira has been honored to be an ACL Fellow for his contributions to sequence modeling, finite-state methods, and dependency and deductive parsing.

In 1993, Pereira served as the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) president, showcasing his leadership and commitment to advancing the field. His visionary thinking and dedication to the progress of natural language understanding have impacted the research community and industry.

Fernando Pereira continues to inspire and drive advancements in natural language understanding, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Through his leadership and expertise, he shapes the direction of research and development at Google, contributing to cutting-edge technologies that transform how we interact with machines and comprehend language.
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