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Your Prompts as a Service

ChatGPT broke the software adoption record by 100X, making AI accessible. People use it to increase productivity, create mobile or web apps, write stories, summarize reports, and analyze important texts. However, ChatGPT's maximum potential remains untapped for most people due to the need for precise English instructions and domain knowledge. That's where Prompt Engineering comes in. With masterful English and domain knowledge, you can unleash the power of ChatGPT for others by offering your ChatGPT prompts as a service and profit from your prompt engineering expertise.


If you want to keep your prompt's secret sauce private from others, you can charge a fee for running your prompt to generate customized output while keeping your prompt confidential.

ChatGPT may leak parts of your prompt if users can input content during execution. Additionally, our staff may review your prompt for site safety and security, so only offer it on our site if you want others to see it.

Consider charging a small fee for running your prompt to make it accessible to people worldwide. For instance, charging a few cents to a dollar would be appropriate. However, if your prompt generates high-value output, you can charge as you please.


When you sell your prompt, the buyer gets a cloned copy, giving them complete access to view, edit and resell it as a new prompt. Consider this before selling your prompt. Alternatively, if you don't want to reveal the secret sauce of your prompt, you may allow running the prompt for a fee instead.

Buyers don't receive automatic updates when you update your prompt. Their cloned copy remains the same or includes their modifications. However, in a future site version, we may allow automatic updates for purchased prompts with the agreement of both the prompt owner and buyer.


Making ChatGPT prompts accessible is a positive step for the AI ecosystem. Increasing access to these tools can create a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative field that benefits everyone. Making your prompts accessible allows anyone on the site to view and copy them for their modifications.

You may not have a direct financial benefit from the prompts you make available for free, but if others like and use your prompts, you will rank high in our weekly Community Chest distribution list.

Anyone that makes their prompts free for others may qualify for the Community Chest distribution. We choose top creators for the week and distribute the Chest amount every week on Sunday based on their prompt's engagement metrics.

Also, making ChatGPT prompts free can foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the AI community. When people have access to the same tools and resources, they can work together more effectively and learn from each other's experiences. This can lead to more rapid progress in the field and help solve some of society's biggest challenges.

PS: running a prompt always incurs a small cost due to external expenses.

To Sell or Make it Free?

It's your call. We suggest having a mix of both to showcase your prompt quality. At CPROMPT.AI, we'll create prompts in our areas of expertise and provide them for free on the platform. We aim to demonstrate the power of prompt engineering and help users boost productivity with Large Language Model-based AI like ChatGPT. We're not in the prompt marketplace to compete with you.

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My name is Andrew Becker, and I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs and business owners harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform their businesses. With a strong background in technology and a passion for innovation, I have dedicated my career to finding ways to increase profits, reduce overhead costs, and simplify the lives of individuals in the business world. As an American entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises. Through strategic implementation of AI technologies, I aim to empower these businesses with cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and success. Together, let's unlock the immense potential of AI for your business!